Space to expand and feel, to shed and let go. The sweetness of it all is beautiful

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Thank you reminding me of how my loneliness is a great way to go inward and create (write, edit my videos, garden, draw, heal.) Thank you for acknowledging your privilege too (I often feel guilty for it) and sharing your vulnerability with the world here.

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May 28, 2022Liked by Liara Roux

Thanks for sharing. Is it more alone-ness or loneliness? I agree with your friend to get into the space; however, another good thought is tied to your intentions or desires when you arrive. I’d ask you more about your journey and enjoying the “space” with yourself and others. We are beings and meant to B😋Thanks again. I pray all the best during your isolated time Liara🙌🏽Ciao Ciao😎

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It's lovely to read you, Liara. We had some email correspondence 4 or 5 or 6 years ago (I have no sense of time). I remember it being very easy, familiar and connective. Felt like we'd already met in the real world. I'm glad to know you're writing and noticed you have a book out as well?

Writing, for most writers, is a very solitary activity for obvious reasons. I love the aloneness and silence of a weekend to type the thoughts that speak in my head. Like you, I'm not sure I've ever had writer's block, but I have had “Writus interruptus,” which is painful when you want to stay buried in your work. 😉 The pops and bings and dings and whistles of the week seem to fortuitously fade on the weekend.

I get how you’re playing around with “lonely” -vs- “alone.” Love the latter, the former can be achy, like the distant howl of a coyote.

I just bought your book in the middle of commenting here, the Kindle edition because that’s just the way I read these days. I’m curious if you ever read Xaviera Hollander’s stuff? In my pre and post pubescent teens, she was my guide, my coach, my teacher for a glimpse into what girls and women might feel. She wrote in such instructive detail that the night I lost my virginity to an older girl, Xaviera’s narrative was in my head the entire time. I was nothing if not a force of earnest intention, as I tried everything I’d read to please this girl before my needs were met. Erica Jong duly excepted, most of the erotic writers in the mid 70s were men. I wanted to know what *women* thought and felt. Xaviera was the Master of my Johnson.

[apologies…I couldn’t resist]

I look forward to reading your memoir and learning a little more about your path. I’m working on revisions of my own, a coming-of-age tale centering on the dissolution of my relationship with my father. Memoir’s not easy. When mine’s ready to be queried, I’m leaping into FICTION! Haha!

Wonderful to know more about what you’re up to these days and here’s hoping the majority of your isolation time falls into the category of “aloneness,” and less in the “lonely” column. ❤️

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This is how I’ve been feeling lately, but in NYC. I often feel lonely, trapped, or isolated despite it mostly being self imposed. Right now it’s a beautiful day outside but I’m laying in bed on my phone. I need groceries, but I’m more likely to order them on Instacart than walk a few blocks to the store.

Part of this is lingering depression from a break up, but I also think I just got used to it. I’m trying to force myself to get back out there. Any advice is very welcome.

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